"Audra was excellent to work with through our mortgage loan process - She's earned our 5-Star rating and then some!"

– Jeannie B.

"Audra was extremely pleasant to work with. She was always prompt in responding to inquiries and provided fantastic guidance on what programs we would be qualified for."

– Tim

"I absolutely loved working Audra and her amazing staff. With a doubt my best home buying experience!"

– Sherman B.

"Audra McMahon and Cornerstone Mortgage are great!"

– Jeff E.

"Quick and easy! "

– Matthew D.

"Audra was very flexible and made every effort to accommodate us, which has made the loan process smooth and enjoyable."

– Ellen F.

"Audra was awesome in every aspect. She made us feel very comfortable with every step in the process."

– Harris

"Audra was very helpful and I really needed someone like her during this process."

– Renee M.

"Audra was great! She helped me save money and it was smooth. Easy experience."

– Karen W.

"Audra was great! She called as soon as rates hit our targe and had the loan processed quickly."

– Michael and Ann C.

"Audra was very thorough, professional and knowledgable."

– Anna S.

"Audra was pleasnt, knowledgable, and on top of everything. She answered all of my questions. I would recommend her to my friends.."

– Sally L.

"Audra was very thorough, professional and knowledgable."

– Anna S.

"Audra was pleasnt, knowledgable, and on top of everything. She answered all of my questions. I would recommend her to my friends.."

– Sally L.

"Audra is a mortgage warrior. Its almost like having someone in your corner that somehow care more about your mortgage going perfectly more that you do."

– Grant G.

"To reiterate, Audra was extremely professional knowledgable and personable. I've enjoyed working with Audra and will definitely recommend Cornerstone in the future."

– Candy B..

"Audra has a keen sense for details and great respect for our best interest. She can always answer any question we throw her way!"

– Jamie J.

"She was always keeping us informed on where we were with the loan and when to expect the next step also on getting cheaper insurance very satisfied."

– Mary M.


"Audra was great, definitely a Pro"

– Jason W.


"Audra is a great person. Very knowledgable and fun to work with. I am looking forward to working with her in the future"

– Chris H.


"Audra has been fantastic to work with because she is very knowledgable and courteous. She is so likeable"

– Amy and Jaon F.


"I was pleased with the final outcome of my loan"

– Randa A.


"Would recommend to friends and family."

– Kurt J..


"Audra did a great job explaining the details and getting our re-finance done quickly."

– Mark R.


"Audra has been inredible absolutely nothing negative to say. It's been a pleasure."

– Marshal T.

"Audra was courteious and professional."

– Gregory D.


"Audra went above and beyond to make it happen knowing I needed it."

– Sarah H.


"The best part about Audra and her team is that it was a VERY quick close."

– Nancy P.


"Not much to say... Audra is awesome!"

– Mohammed S.


"She helped with all my questions and provided all documents promptly. Great company."

– Kathryn B.


"Audra makes the refinance process process simple and painless."

– Sheila D.

"Audra did a great job informing us about our mortgage options and educated us along the way."

– Delbert K.


"Thanks for being so helpful!"

– Courtney S.


"Because they are truly the best and they CARE!"

– Sarah H.

"Available above and beyond normal call hours!"

– Linda K.


"It was overall a great experience and very informative."

– Ryan H.

"Audra went above and beyond what was required; very informative."

– Patsy S.


"Audra ROCKS!!"

– Emily S.


"Audra was was very attentive and helpful than I ever expected. We are extremely greatful for her help."

– Erin B.

"Audra was great, very helpful with any question and her staff was great!"

– Mary W.


"Audra was great very helpful with any question and her staff was great."

– Mary O.


"Audra has been an excellent source for our mortgage and has provided a great service and her whole team has been informative and very amazing."

– Jill D.


"We have loved working with Audra, she has been extremely helpful and accomodating and has made our work in buying a home smooth and joyful!"

– Myra M.


"We can't thank Audra enough for her hard work and dedictaion to us. She was always available to answer any questions. We truly enjoyed working with her."

– Faith & Justin M..


"It was great! The best ever!! With every property I can count on you!"

– Anthony G.


"Audra was wonderful during the entire loan process. She was very professional and kept me informed at all stages of the loan process. I would not only recommend her to a friend, I would recommend her to my parents."

– Steve S.


"Audra, went above and beyond her job getting this loan processed. There wer some unforseen issues and she took care of them and we closed as scheduled."

– Juanit Snyder


"Audra, is always a please to work with!"

– Amy Gilliland


"Audra, was very flexible and made every effort to accomodiate us, which has made the loan process smooth and enjoyable."

– Ellen Frank


"I would recommend because of the trust and the great communication that Audra provides. She is on time and has time to answer every question, even twice. She will make sure you understand before moving on to something else."

– Ahyde and Wes Roland


"Audra, is smart, persobable, and awesome!"

– Libby Holzer


"Audra makes all of the numbers understabable and less terrifying. She doesn't mind answering the same questions over and over again until the answers sink in. Audra was definitely a good fit for me."

– Jason George


"Audra, Did a great job answering all of my questions and made the loan process quick and easy!"

– Matthew Davis


"Audra, Thank you very much for your help securing a loan for our home. Your straightforward answers to our questions were very helpful."

– Heather Hayden & Nate Girard


"Audra has always been great to work with. Very responsive and pleasant. Excellant Job!"

– Christopher Coffey


"Amazing service! The transaction was very streamlined and concise."

– Brent Saertoff


"Audra was very helpful and always has our best interest in mind. We are very fotunate to have the opportunity to have worked with her."

– Hugo Escobar


"Audra is an absolute joy and pleasure to work with. Very professional and easy to deal with. I have her card and will always recommend to any and all my friends and family."

– Brian Middleton


"Audra is very professional and passionate about her work. She wants to provide the best service for her clients."

– Christine Boller


"Found Audra to be courteous and professional! I was very pleased with the outcome of the loan. Audra was absolutely wonderful!"

– Janice LiGillihan


"Professional! Did NOT waste my time! Knew her mortgage info! Loved working with Audra McMahon; I would highly recommend!"

– Kathy Mohn


"She makes it very easy to understand and does all the leg work and thinking.  I just show up and sign!"

– Lisa Lowman


"She is very energetic, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable.  Enjoyed and felt confident working with Audra."

– Naina and Jay Patil


"Audra is extremely professional at her job.  Her attention to details makes the process simplified.  Audra spends time seeking to understand her clients and clearly communicates for an understanding.  Her product knowledge demonstrates her commitment to her company, job, and her personal growth."

– Edie Marie Battaglia


"I had just come off a bad re-finance experience when I met Audra for the first time. I was gun shy to try again. She handled my anxiety with such confidence and empathy that I decided to attempt a refinance one more time. From beginning to end the process was organized, simple to understand and I got an amazing deal on my refinance. It was the polar opposite of my last experience. So wildly different that I kept waiting for a shoe to drop. And it never did!
I could not be happier. Audra was and is the best. I will never work with another broker and I am recommending her to everyone I know."

– Jennifer McKnight


"What a breath of fresh air, speaking with such a professional, thoughtful and energetic woman. I so appreciate your honesty with my situation. This was the conversation that I think will make a difference in my family's financial future. My children are the most important little angels in the world to me. You are a gift to women in our situation."

- Melanie Martini

"Audra is a mortgage educator. She is very helpful in her explanations of the financial details regarding a loan. I enjoyed the experience and felt that I understood everything in the paperwork thanks to Audra�s patience and knowledge."

- Cara Windsor

"Upbeat, pleasant, efficient, knowledgeable, competent, caring is how I would describe Audra. Refinancing my home has given me peace of mind. Thank You."

- Jann E. Fowler

"I appreciate your help, your positive thoughts and your willingness to try to assist me. This has been a very difficult couple of weeks and you have been extremely kind. Thank you."

- Jane McQueeny

"From my first initial contact with Audra she was friendly, pleasant, informative, and efficient in giving me the best information for my situation."

- Ellen Baty

"Audra was simply amazing during my refinance process - she went above and beyond in my situation - making everything happen seamlessly, even when there were a few hiccups along the way because of my divorce situation. Her passion for helping her clients get back on their feet and helping to empower them through their own financial security is what will keep me coming back to use Audra in the future. Bottom line - "she gets it" and will do whatever it takes to meet the needs of her clients."

- Kim George

"Audra: Thanks for all your support; I need it, I feel so drained, this is an unbelievable experience to go thru. I'll talk with you soon."

- Valerie Panther

"Audra was very helpful during the refinance process. Her prompt and courteous manner were invaluable to the experience."

- Sheila Dannar

"You were amazing to have for a first time house buyer. Thanks for all your hard work. I would recommend you to anyone."

- Allie Brauer

"Working with Audra to refinance our home mortgage was the easiest and most seamless process we've been through in a long time. Audra found us exactly what we were looking for with only a few calls and emails, and made us feel comfortable with her and FirsTrust Mortgage right off the bat. She worked diligently, night and day, to make sure our needs were met! I would highly recommend Audra if you have ever even thought about refinancing your home or when you are looking to buy something new. Thanks Audra!"

- Amber Sewell

"Audra is clearly an enthusiastic person with a big, big heart. she has told several people of the work we do at the sheltered workshops at TRI and has been more than willing to refer people to me. This is a dedicated, hard-working woman and I can't say enough about her!!"

- Linda Lowenstein

"Audra is simply the best. She will get you set up with a mortgage PLAN and then follow through even after the papers have been penned. She makes my mortgage one thing I really don't need to worry about."

- Raen Schechinger

"Audra is an exceptional mortgage consultant. She worked with us to help customize solutions and providing advice on the process. Her accountability and attention to customer service are unmatched. I highly recommend anyone interested in buying a home or refinancing to talk to Audra."

- Mindy Beckley-Hager

"Audra helped me acquire a home loan after having a hugh financial problem with my credit. A couple of years later when mortgage rates dropped she helped me refinance in order to remove PMI payments. I would definitely hire her again, and again, and again."

- Regina Irwin

Thank you so much for walking us through this home buying process. It was of course our first time buying a home, and you really did a wonderful job of explaining everything clearly and to our satisfaction. You are up front and to the point, and I really appreciate that. You were a great asset to our real estate team and I'm so glad I stumbled upon your information-accidental though it was! :) I would confidently call upon you again for any other mortgage services we might need and will happily refer you to my friends and family. Please feel free to give people our name as a reference, as well.

- Adrienne Waner

It has been a little hard this year going from paying $400 and part of the bills to a full mortgage, bills and utilities. There is an end in sight however. In 6 months, everything but my car and house will be paid off. Thank you for helping me work through the process. You were wonderful.

- Deb Haber

You're awesome. You should just say that in your commercial. "I am Audra and I am awesome!"

- Sarah Mayfield

What My Clients Say...

"You are a gift to women in our situation"

"What a breath of fresh air, speaking with such a professional, thoughtful and energetic woman. I so appreciate your honesty with my situation."

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My Mission:

It is my mission and my vision to protect you with a plan, guide you with hope, and empower you to embrace change with confidence.