Embracing Change With Confidence



Media Contact: Audra McMahon

Divorce occurs for all sorts of reasons. Moving forward and finding the path toward financial security can be difficult. The housing market changes every few years, and keeping up with all the changes is not easy. Support from friends and family is a good start on your new life. Additional guidance from someone well versed in the housing market can be invaluable.

An educated housing and mortgage specialist can help you avoid costly mistakes and provide strategies to lessen financial burdens. Audra McMahon, a Kansas City based Certified Mortgage Planning Specialist, focuses on mortgage education exclusively for women who are facing or currently involved in a divorce.

"Audra's passion for helping her clients get back on their feet and helping to empower them through their own financial security is what will keep me coming back to use Audra in the future. Bottom line - 'she gets it' and will do whatever it takes to meet the needs of her clients," stated client Kim George of Kansas City, MO.

The recent economic downturn has changed the landscape of the housing market- new opportunities and risks have emerged. Having the aid of someone with experience and compassion to shed light on benefits and consequences of housing choices can make a huge difference in one's financial life.

"I am committed to learn more daily and be the best I can be by staying aware of the ever changing rules and regulations in this business to the best of my ability," said Audra McMahon.

Life is full of hard choices. Any opportunity to reduce heartache and make sound financial decisions should be taken. Audra McMahon has the experience and empathy to help you embrace your change with confidence.

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