Oh My! It's Like Buying A Home For The First Time!

8.01.2011. by Audra McMahon

If you haven't purchased a home in a few years, the loan process of today compared to yesteryear might be enough to induce indigestion. In today's crazy mortgage world, there remain many loan programs and many guidelines to verify that what you've said verbally can be verified on paper. Additionally, if you're coming through a divorce, then your monies and the safety of retaining them is imperative to your peace of mind.

Talk to someone about your situation, like me, your Certified Mortgage Planner. Although this transaction is going to impact you right now, there is also your economic future to consider. Did you know that most people keep their mortgage for 33 months? Do you think that what's important to your budget structure today will be the same 33 months from now? Chances are slim.

A mortgage has immediate and future benefits that need to be considered simultaneously prior to making decisions. A mortgage is a tool to financial independence. A mortgage is often needed to purchase the house that becomes your new home and most of our largest single investment. Protect this investment with a plan for today and for tomorrow.

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